Hiking – the popular leisure activity of german residents has become an absolute trend in recent years. Whether young or old, more and more people are drawn to nature. But what is the attraction of this old but somehow newly discovered way of spending your free time? Is it the exercise in the fresh air that most people neglect in everyday life? Or the originality and joy in nature that is conveyed?
At AZUR, our opinion is that a mixture of the most diverse factors that justifies this trend towards the outdoor experience. And with our campsites in southern Germany, we offer you the ideal starting point for hiking tours of all kinds. The wide and diverse range of certified hiking trails leaves nothing to be desired! Either a leisurely day tour or a long-distance hike over several days, the hiking routes offer everything a hiker's heart can wish for.
And when you have finished your route tired but happy, we kindly invite you to spend the night on one of our campsites, for example in the super cozy sleeping barrels. The perfect way to end a successful day - who needs a cabin in the mountains?