Exploring the Swabian Alb

The Swabian Alb is a pure natural paradise for hikers, cyclists and climbing enthusiasts! Bizarre rock formations, deep caves and picturesque valleys invite you to enjoy unforgettable outdoor experiences. Enjoy breathtaking views, mythical castle ruins and hearty Alb specialities. Pure relaxation in the midst of a unique natural landscape for enthusiastic adventurers and explorers!


Welcome to the Swabian Alb! Discover its beauty, feel the energy of nature and experience unforgettable adventures. Are you ready for these unique experiences?
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Experience the fascination of hiking in the Swabian Alb! Enjoy breathtaking landscapes and fresh air. From gentle hills to imposing rock formations, the Alb offers a hiking paradise for everyone. Ready for an adventure?
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Fun for kids

Discover the fun for children in the Swabian Alb! There's adventure, laughter and unforgettable moments here.
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