Perfect blend of natural idyll and urban flair

Nature lovers will find peace and relaxation in the nearby Auwaldsee, an idyllic local recreation area. Hikers and cyclists can explore the picturesque surroundings on well-maintained paths. Those interested in culture will get their money's worth in Ingolstadt's historic old town.

Sights to see

Discover Ingolstadt's fascinating sights! Experience history and culture up close in the city's monuments and embark on a historical exploration tour along the Danube.
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Ingolstadt is a wonderful place to explore by bike. Hop on your bike and discover the picturesque landscape along the Danube and the historic sights in the old town. Look forward to your bike tour - it certainly won't be boring here!
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Fun for kids

Children can experience unforgettable adventures here, whether climbing in the bouldering hall, jumping in the trampoline park or romping around in the indoor playground. Discover together the activities that will bring your children joy and encourage their thirst for adventure!
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Exciting history and works of art of all kinds await you in the museums! Experience culture up close and be inspired by the historical treasures. A perfect day out for all history enthusiasts.
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